100% WORKS! How to Hack Username, Password, Wi-Fi Keys, and Another User Information

After exploiting the vulnerability of the victim, the next step that becomes the priority of the hacker is getting the victim’s credentials to get deeper into the network or other accounts. Unfortunately, to do so without tools is very difficult to do. There is a lot of important victim information stored in the system, so it is important not to miss that great opportunity. Well, now we can get the data easily with LaZagne application.

The lazagne application is widely used by hackers and someone who works as a tester. The good news again, this application is available for the web Windows OS, Linux, and macOS so anyone who uses these three OS can learn it. Well, this time I wanted to review how a hacker can get sensitive information belonging to the user only capital of this application. Let’s see the following My reviews!

100% WORKS! How to Hack Username, Password, WiFi Keys, and Other User Information

Step 1: Download and Open Lazagne

First of all, you must first download the standalone version of LaZagne app on Github. Then, extract the file in the user folder, for example like the picture below.

Extract the file “Windows.zip” inside your user folder. How to right-click the file “Windows.zip”, then click extract here.

Go to your Windows command prompt, then type the command as below one by one.

cd Windows

lasagne -h

If information appears like the image above, then the first step has been successful.

Step 2: Get the Password


LaZagne is an application that works using the post-exploitation method, which means to use it, we must have access to the host via the shell, or at least use the command via the command prompt.

This application can be used in many ways, but this time we just discuss how the simple way this application to get sensitive information victims.

In LaZagne command itself, there are many choices of modules to choose from. However, here we will try to use the “all” command to get any sensitive information stored in the system.

Type the following command.

Lazagne all

  • Account information and password extract part 1:
  • Account information and password extracted part 2:

How? Interesting right? Yes, just with the simple command above, we have got all the information needed to get into the target account. Interestingly again, the features of this app do just that. This app is also capable of being used to hack targets using the brute-force method. But by the way, we will be discussed later in “another time yes. Read also: Enterprise Apps Development

The final word

It only takes a few seconds for a hacker to get your account information. How to secure it? Of course, do not use the same password for different accounts because then hackers will not be too easy to do the job.

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