Gift with Purchase Program Is the Best Idea for Boosting Sales

Marketing is an important part of every business. However, every company is made to make profits. It is what drives everyone to do their best. The company growth depends on how well everyone is doing their jobs and how much sales they make.

When the company is facing a downtime with their sales, it’s time for the CEO and the people around them to do something about it. One of the ideas that are best for everyone is the gift with purchase program. Read on to see what it is!

The simplest way to explain what this is would be – whenever someone buys something from your stores or over the internet, you make sure they receive a present from you. For example, if you’re selling shoes, you can give a personalized belt with every pair sold.

In this article, we’re talking about why this method is so great and what it can do for your firm. Continue reading, and learn more!

Manages to clear the storage

Whenever some product is getting outdated or close to the expiry date, it’s time to get rid of it. However, you can’t just throw it away because it means losing money.

The GWP program is an excellent way to solve this problem. People love presents and they’ll think that it’s a good bargain if you offer them something cool for the same price. If they can get a belt and the shoes for the same price and they both have the same logo that will be great.

This way, you’ll fast get rid of the old items and you’ll be able to focus on the new collections or the new stuff arriving in your storage.

Adds value to the product

Depending on what you’re going to offer, you can add serious value to the product you’re selling. Customers will think that you’re giving away and they’ll bring profit by buying a certain item that comes with a present.

Of course, it’s your job and the job of the people in the marketing and sales department to come up with a price that will make everyone happy. You’ll still profit and the clients will buy and will be happy about getting more.

Builds a brand

There are many examples of great companies giving away presents when selling their items. The reason for this is building its brand. See why building a brand is important here.

Some of them are too big and too important to be afraid of losing their status in the world, but they still do it. Why? Because becoming big and keeping it that way is the same thing. Buying Prada shoes may be expensive but what’s more important when you spend money on them is when you get a keychain with their logo.

People are proud to show that you received a customized present from the company. The company, on the other hand, gets its brand to be present all the time and everywhere. Not just in the stores or in magazines where often the marketing space is paid.

Makes people happy

There’s a part of our brain that simply can’t ignore free gifts. If you’ve noticed, the supermarkets always have some kind of action where they give two for one item. People buy them massively because where some see a way to get rid of the products, others see a way to attract customers.

In the end, the stores and the business owners get a lot of happy clients who would love to come back and see if there’s another offer of the same kind. Even if there isn’t, they might buy something while they’re still there. Why not, it’s a good store, they always give presents – that’s how people resonate. See a little more of the buying psychology here:


As you can see, one of the best ways to attract, keep and make happy customers is the GWP program. Almost every company with a need to grow to use it and no one complained that it was wrong so far.

This means you should be doing it too. With everything said above, it’s clear that it can only bring good to you, the company, and the customers.