The Wonders of the Internet Made Idea Bill Payment Effortless

Who amongst us is not fascinated with the wonders of internet? Most of us are – the fact that we spend hours browsing, chatting, uploading pictures on social media is proof enough of the same. The combination of a smartphone and aninternet connection facilitates the fastest possible method of making online payments of bills.

In order to use your mobile handset for Idea bill payment, you would first need to download and install the Idea App or a third party resellers’ App – chose from one of the reputed resellers like Paytm, Mobiquick or Phonepay. Once downloaded, you would need to register yourself with the reseller for being able to use its services.

Registered users will have their own individual login ids and passwords. In order to make Idea bill payment, you would need to open the downloaded App on your handset. You have two options – you can enter you login details first time and check on save password so that the App gives you access every time without having to separately login. The other way is to enter the password each time you need to use the App – this is safer as not everyone would be able to open the App in your absence.

Click on the bill payment icon. In most cases, you would be required to enter your mobile number or the number against which the Idea bill payment needs to be done the first time. Second time onwards, the number will be automatically refreshed in the required field. The next step involves mentioning the correct value or the amount of the bill that is required to be paid. The following step involves choosing the payment mode. Most of the people prefer using the App instead of the website because of the ease of making payments via the virtual wallet of Idea or any of the reseller.

The virtual wallet needs to be credited with money so that it can be used by the registered user at any point in time for making payments like Idea bill payment. In order to be available to use the wallet, click on the Add Money button. Once the wallet has enough money, it can be used for not only making payments against bills, it can be used for shopping as well as transferring money to another person or account. In most cases, money from the wallet can be used in the offline mode only – by scanning the QR code of the seller or even by typing in the mobile number of another person.

You can also use your credit or debit card or even netbanking to make Idea bill payments. With enough balance in your card or bank account, the money is deducted and the transaction is successfully competed. Once done, you are sent a confirmation email and SMS on your registered email id and mobile number respectively. In the event, your account or card or wallet is short of money, the transaction is declined and … Read More