5 Interesting facts about Nike

Nike is a name that everyone is familiar with in the world of Sports Apparel. Their trademark catchphrase of ‘Just do it’ is used widely by people all around the world as it has caught on more than anyone expected. They are manufacturers in the business of Sportswear and equipment of amazing quality. You can purchase their products from https://www.gofynd.com/nike, where you will find a systematic collection of their products alongside many other top brands. Nike and their Nike Plus accounts help users to manage everything in their lives related to sports. Be it finding a store or using the applications published by Nike to work out, train, or just run, Nike helps with all of it.

Founded on January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports, in 1971, Nike became the official name, after the Greek Goddess of victory. Since that moment they have worked on and succeeded in expanding their brand all over the world until the Swoosh Logo of Nike has become synonymous with the brand and sports.

There many things to talk about where Nike is concerned which everyone may not know. The following are some of the more interesting facts about Nike that should be common knowledge.

  1. Love for Controversy


A famous business-man once said, “Controversy Creates Cash”. This is something that Nike obviously seemed to believe in as they did not ever steer clear of any sort of controversy. In fact, they often preferred to use controversy to have their name put out there and heard. They sponsored Ilie Nastase, a Romanian Tennis player famous for his short temper. They also partnered themselves with Charles Barkley while the news was still fresh from the controversy he created by spitting on a fan.

In another extraordinary moment, they sent $25,000 to Tonya Harding, the Ice Skater who had to pay legal fees for her alleged involvement in the assault of a fellow skater.


  1. Nike was almost called Bengal instead


After they had acquired the Swoosh logo, the time had come to also change the name of the brand from Blue Ribbon. The idea Knight had was to call it Dimension 6, while a major number of people supported the name being changed to Bengal.

In the end, it was Jeff Johnson who preferred Nike, the Greek Goddess of victory. He claimed that the idea had come to him in his dreams. The name was not preferred by Knight, but the deadline forced the decision to be made.

  1. A shoe was inspired by a waffle


To imagine that a show was inspired by a waffle is not the most pleasing thought, nor is it the most appetising. But that was the case for one of the most famous Nike shoes. Bowerman thought of the idea for a sneaker design while eating a waffle. He used the grid pattern to design the sole of the shoe, only pushed out, instead of in. This was one of the most successful shoes in 1974. For more new models, visit gofynd.com.


  1. The Tattooed Task-Force


Ekins (which is the word Nike spelt backwards) are dedicated proselytizers who communicate with the retailers and partners about any update to the image of the brand. They are known for having the company logo tattooed somewhere on their body.

  1. Raised Voices were the name of the game


The company behaved like a fraternity in the beginning with raised voices being used among the employees. This behaviour was encouraged, and when the later workers left this attitude behind, Knight felt that the company was no longer as ‘fun’.

Whatever it may be, Nike is one of the rulers of the sports apparel world. To purchase any of their products visit gofynd.com.