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A Deeper Look at Aluminium Louvers You can find aluminum louvers in different kinds of places. In places that ventilation is needed, and if places have difficulty to promote airflow, aluminum louvers are used to encourage easy air flow. Aluminum louvers promotes easy air movement in to places that need ventilation and in to places that do not receive air flow. Louvers can also be used as decorative developments for some areas. Some louvers are made to survive harsh weather conditions and protect equipment from being damaged. Aluminum louvers are very much customizable and flexible to any of most designs people want because of its natural neutral color. Louvers that are made out of pressed metal are not as durable and flexible as an aluminum louver, especially in high climate areas, because they are made out of formed aluminum. Mobile slats come only in louvers that are not specifically made for architectural or decorative uses only. These louvers are usually found in abstract or modern designs of buildings and are sometimes irregularities in design. A lot of the architects include aluminum louvers in their designs in order to add depth and texture to it.
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Majority of the people are familiar with louvers in attics and older buildings. These are called gabble louver vents and they have moving slats that adjusts to the movement of air going inside or outside of the attic. Gabble louver vents differ a lot in terms of design and shape, when compared to other types. Gable louver vents were simply named after the building’s gable. It is the name of the triangle at the tallest part of the structure.
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The mobile slat does not only help ventilation but it also protects the building from other elements. Water, debris or any kind of object are stopped from getting inside the structure because of the mobile slat’s slanted slats. In some harsh weathered places, louvers with mobile slats are backed up with mesh so that it keeps foreign objects from getting through the slats. Moving slats are very efficient because they move according to how the air flows inside the attic. People in hotter areas put fans in the attic that can be controlled directly with their louvers. When the temperature inside the attic reaches a temperature that is set, the fan immediately turns on and the slats of the louver open at the same time, in order for the hot air to escape the attic. You might want to consider this method if you want to save money on electricity during your summer. Protecting equipment and machinery can also be done using louvers. They can also be used as enclosure doors like lockers for example. These are called stamped louvers and they are made of heavy duty aluminum.