Traveling And Using Payment Methods

When traveling, you want to keep multiple different ways that you can spend money. If you only bring a single debit card, for example, it might get stolen and you’ll be stuck without any money to spend. Look into all of these different payment methods to try out while you’re on the go.

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Credit Cards

Bringing a credit card is a great option while traveling. When you’re bringing your debit and credit card with you, but one of the cards somewhere secure like a hotel safe so you still have it as a backup option if your primary card gets stolen. Credit cards can also be great primary cards as you have protection if anyone tries to falsely charge your card, plus you usually can get bonus points just for spending money on anything travel. Consider bringing a credit whether it’s your primary or a backup payment method for you while traveling.


Cash is still a payment method that certain places will only take. By bringing cash, you can be sure that you can’t be skimmed at all and lose more than what is currently on you. If you don’t have any on you, you can visit any ATM machines Hoboken NJ and withdraw as much as you need for daily spending. The only big downside is that all of the money you have on you can be stolen so make sure to not keep too much cash on you where it’s enticing and noticeable enough. Ensure that you are safe when deciding to carry around cash no matter where you travel.

Gift Cards

Chances are if you’ve had Christmas or a birthday recently, you’ve gotten at least one gift card. Gift cards can actually be great since they are more compact than cash so you have less of a chance of getting ripped off. Additionally, you typically can scan the barcodes for these cards into your mobile phone wallet so you can just pull up an app and see all of the gift cards you currently have without even having to bring them with you. Consider using gift cards at any chains that have stores where you travel.


Bitcoin is an emerging technology that is mainly used today for online purchases. However, many places have started accepting bitcoin in person through QR codes. Simply load a wallet app on your phone containing Bitcoin and whenever a supporting store shows their QR code to you, send enough Bitcoin to cover how much your purchase is. The only big downsides to Bitcoin right now is the transactions aren’t instant, plus you can have an extra fee attached simply for using Bitcoin. Think about using Bitcoin in person if you have some already.


Utilizing a mix of these payment methods is a good idea while traveling. Make sure to maximize the rewards and safeties of all of these methods so you come out ahead. Additionally, call your bank and make sure you tell them you’re traveling so your card doesn’t get declined.